Success Stories

Sheryl M: 58 lbs. Lost

Sheryl M: 58 lbs. Lost   Sheryl M. transitioned from OPTIFAST to a food plan after losing 58 pounds.  She has continued to maintain her entire weight loss since reaching her goal at the end of April.   She is testimony to the fact that eating differently and exercising consistently are the keys to keeping weight […]

Maxine D: 42 lbs. Lost

Maxine D: 42 lbs. Lost Throughout her adult life Maxine D. was happy to have been healthy enough to avoid prescription medication, but a doctor recently suggested she start a drug to reduce her blood pressure. She knew the reason her pressure was elevated was due to her weight. Realizing that her excess weight was […]

Jeanne Y: 80 lbs. Lost

Jeanne Y: 80 lbs. Lost Jeanne Y.  is a patient at CONCI’S Polaris office.  In nine months she lost 80 pounds on the OPTIFAST program.  Thanks to weight loss, her general overall health is much improved, and she was able to discontinue use of blood pressure medication.  Jeanne shared her story in the letter she […]

Bruce T: 140 lbs. lost

Bruce T: lost 140 lbs. in 10 months Bruce T.  was getting ready to retire.  After some self-assessment, he realized he was fed up with his weight and the impact it had on his life. He was not happy with his general health and appearance.  His extra pounds impacted his health in the form of […]

Laura: 80 lbs Lost

Both gaining and losing a large amount of weight in her late teens/early 20s was a challenge Laura Palmer will never forget. She clearly remembers not only the negative effect the weight had on her health, but also her health’s rapid improvement as she lost weight.  Laura’s career path led her to radio.  As a […]

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