CLEAN Eating…What’s That???

The term “clean eating” can be intimidating, but this new, healthy living concept is quite simple. It’s easy to get stuck in the convenient routine of grabbing any breakfast bar that claims to be nutritious, or to stock up on those “healthy” yogurts that are actually filled with preservatives and added sugar. But the idea of eating clean doesn’t have to be a complicated transition. So, what exactly does it mean to eat clean? It’s exactly how it sounds - free of all the bad ingredients. It’s finding balance of all nutrients in what we eat and all the food [...]

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Make Time For Maintenance

Almost every patient that comes to CONCI tells us the same thing.  They tell us their mistake with previous weight losses was that they did not follow through with a maintenance program.  Sadly, after losing weight again, patients seem to forget their comment and, again, fail to commit to a maintenance program.  Unfortunately, this often leads to yet another failure to keep the weight off. CONCI offers the opportunity for all patients to stay accountable through either a maintenance class or through one-on-one contact with a registered dietitian. Maintenance class is a great way to continue learning about nutrition and [...]

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Journaling and Your Weight Loss Plan

Most dieters know the importance of journaling during weight loss, but it might be just as important to journal prior to starting your weight loss journey. Important questions to ask yourself might be: “Why do I want to lose weight?” “What is the big picture?” Answers and thoughts might be:

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The 5 R’s of Motivation

Dr. Ard recently appeared on “The Balancing Act” segment with Olga Villaverde airing on Lifetime Television. Dr. Ard explained the 5 R’s of motivation and how the OPTIFAST program can support patients on their weight loss journey.

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Spring Clean Your Eating Habits

Shorts and bathing suit season is just around the corner! Do you have winter weight that needs to be shed? Are you in a rut with eating the comfort foods so common during winter months? Have you been hibernating indoors all winter without adjusting the amount you eat? It is not too soon to get serious about revamping how you are currently eating.

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