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Eric A: 141 lbs. Lost

Eric A. grew up on a farm. Big family meals with lots of food were the norm. Eating was a big part of his life as a child, and that continued into adulthood. Excess weight had been an issue for most of his life. He began his struggle during his adolescent years and weighed at least 250 pounds at age 18. An auto accident at age 20 lead to further weight gain. Eric has a sedentary job, working 3rd shift. As an adult, Eric fell into the habit of eating out often. By the time Eric was 50, he weighed 420. Overweight for more than 30 years, Eric was experiencing medical problems associated with obesity. He no longer could do things with his family that he was able to do easily years ago. He missedparticipating in activities he previously enjoyed such as camping, fishing, and golfing. It was clear that his happiness was affected by his weight. It was time to act upon a problem that should have been addressed years ago.
Eric wants to lose 150 pounds. He works for Nestle, the owner of the OPTIFAST brand, so he was familiar with the product and comfortable with attempting weight loss with OPTIFAST under medical supervision. In the past 7 monthsEric lost 141 pounds, with an average loss of 5 pounds each week. He recently returned from a 2-week vacation to Maine and lost 3 pounds while on his trip! What is important to mention is that he had a great time despite eating differently than he has for years. He focused on fun and family, not on food.
Eric has more weight to lose, but he was anxious to tell his story to inspire others, and to also “tell it like it is” regarding what success with weight loss demands. Eric feels strongly that anyone contemplating weight loss must (1) be willing to give 100% in terms of effort, (2) be willing to make drastic lifestyle changes, (3) realize that weight loss is hard work and will present many challenges, (4) be accepting of exercise as a necessary part of maintenance, (5) eat out less frequently, and (6) be willing to stay committed. “Only then, states Eric, will you be successful.”
Eric has nothing but positive changes to report, and he still is not finished losing. His blood pressure has returned to normal without medication. His lab results are all within normal range. He sleeps better and no longer has aches and pains. He feels GREAT! After many years, he has returned to and is enjoying exercise. After losing 35 pounds, he started to become more active by stopping at a park to walkon his way home from work at 7:30 AM. Rather than going directly home after work, he brgan to establish a new habit that would help with maintenance. After losing 60 pounds, he was able to play 9 holes of golf walking the course. He is thankful that his hobbies of golfing, camping, and fishing are becoming a reality again. He knows that exercise will be a key component to keeping the weight off.
Eric could not say enough about his positive experience at CONCI. He said, “At his first visit,I was made to feel welcome and did not feel like I was being judged. Any questions I had were addressed immediately.” He appreciated sitting down with a dietitian and doctor weekly to discuss his progress, knowing that he was being managed by a knowledgeable staff. Eric agrees thatthe accountability built into the program helps with staying on track.
A joyful experience Eric had recently was seeing someone he has known for 35 years. Eric had to introduce himself to his friend because he clearly did not recognize him! His friend’s reaction was priceless and one that Eric will never forget.
Before beginning his weight loss program, Eric completed a questionnaire that asked him to list behaviors that contributed to his weight problem. His list consisted of the following:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Dining out frequently
  • Eating too often
  • Inappropriate quantities of food
  • Eating “on the run,” especially fast food
  • Eating in response to negative emotions and boredom