38th Anniversary of 4th Largest OPTIFAST Clinic in the Country

This month marks CONCI’S 38th anniversary as central Ohio’s leading expert in weight management. Countless patients over all these years have felt fortunate to have such a unique clinic available to them. How is the Central Ohio Nutrition Center different? The Central Ohio Nutrition Center is a specialty practice that offers a comprehensive program consisting of medical monitoring during weight loss, nutrition education, behavior modification, and exercise advice. Nowhere else in central Ohio will one find a staff of healthcare professionals with the extent of experience that can be found at CONCI. The  staff prides itself in providing cutting edge weight loss treatment in a friendly, compassionate, and nonjudgmental manner. Understanding how difficult it is for an overweight person to find the courage to seek help, CONCI makes it a priority to put patients at ease and make them feel comfortable. Patients from years ago continue to return to the clinic for on-going care for maintenance purposes and accountability.

Although obesity is a multi-faceted issue, the American diet consisting of processed foods and frequent dining out have contributed greatly to a problem that have reached epidemic proportions. No longer is this problem restricted to adults. It is affecting our youth. Diseases associated with obesity such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as other including vial suomeksi some cancers, are becoming frightening too commonplace in people of all ages.

Because obesity is becoming so widespread, it is crucial that services be available to help both adults and children who are seeing their health deteriorate due to their obesity. CONCI is proud to offer specialty services with a personal touch…something that is all but lost in our country’s healthcare system.

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