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Long Term Maintenance Program for Weight Loss

Maintenance is hard work! The patient comments below are typical of those we hear on a regular basis.

‘I lost 100 pounds on OPTIFAST 20 years ago. I would never have kept off the weight had I not kept in touch with the center’s dietitians.’

‘I learned my lesson the hard way. I thought I knew what I had to do to keep the weight off, and that I could do it without any support. Wrong! I needed accountability to keep me focused. Thanks, CONCI, for your on-going help.’

A comment made repeatedly by people who regain weight is that they failed to follow through with a maintenance program. Undoubtedly, successful maintenance of a weight loss over a long period of time is related to the availability of, and participation in, an on-going weight maintenance program. We consider our maintenance program the most crucial component of our services! Long-term success depends on understanding that weight loss efforts cannot stop when a goal weight is reached.

Because of the on-going vigilance necessary, we provide support and on-going education in either a group setting or on an individual basis. If you are just finishing one of our weight loss programs or have been maintaining for awhile, then come for a dose of motivation, education, and true support!

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