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Weight Loss Medications

Since 1993, the Central Ohio Nutrition Center has been in the forefront of the research on anti-obesity medications. The data has been presented at both national and international obesity research meetings.

Current weight loss medications are generally classified as appetite suppressants or absorption blocking agents. An appetite suppressant is designed to reduce your feelings of hunger or to make you feel full sooner. When combined with a properly designed diet, this allows you to decrease the amount of food you are eating without constantly feeling hungry. Medications that help weight loss by blocking absorption, bind with the fat you eat and allow it to pass through your body without being stored.

On their own, these weight loss medications have a very modest and usually temporary effect. Their greatest benefit is seen when used as a part of a comprehensive treatment that involves diet, exercise, and behavior modification.

The program with medications at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center includes this comprehensive approach which initially involves a thorough screening, history, and physical by the physician. Previous weight loss attempts are reviewed, and the patient’s medical history will determine if the patient is a candidate for the anti-obesity medications.

The staff of the Central Ohio Nutrition Center has had years of experience and success with the anti-obesity medications, and will make the appropriate recommendation. Programs offered include a combination of treatments such as VLCDs (very low calorie diets) or LCDs (low calorie diets) and drug therapy. The medications currently approved and available by prescription at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center for obesity treatment include Xenical, phentermine, Qsymia and Contrave. The Central Ohio Nutrition Center was one of the sites for clinical trials for Contrave.

As new medications are studied and reviewed by medical researchers, the Central Ohio Nutrition Center will stay abreast of any new developments in the area of anti-obesity medications.

A great deal of research is underway, and these medications offer yet another tool in the treatment of obesity.

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