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Nutritional Counseling

Our registered dietitians can work with you and answer questions about nutrition and other medical concerns. Nutrition during pregnancy and gestational diabetes are two areas that can be addressed by our dietitians. For optimal nutrition for you and your baby during this critical time, a visit to our health professionals would be beneficial.

If you have diabetes, and are not participating in our Optifast, Optitrim, or low-calorie diet plan, you may benefit from nutrition counseling from our registered dietitians. With expertise in nutrition and diabetes, our dietitians will guide you in making good food choices. In conjunction with your doctor, we can develop a plan to fit your lifestyle. Whether you count carbs, calories, or follow guidelines based on the glycemic index, your questions will be answered.

For patients with hypertension or lipid disorders, proper dietary management is essential. An individualized plan will be developed for you to help with these medical conditions.

Other counseling is available for eating disorders, sports nutrition, celiac disease, and normal nutrition. If you have general questions about a healthy diet, our staff can help design a plan for you. In addition, some people want or need to gain weight. This can also be addressed in individual nutrition counseling sessions.

Our initial nutritional consults last approximately one hour. Follow up sessions are in 15-30 minute intervals. You and your dietitian can develop and decide how much intervention is necessary for your medical condition and/or questions.

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