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Stephanie K.: 122 Pounds Lost

Better Health, Better Life After 122 Pound Loss

Stephanie K. lost 122 pounds in 45 weeks on the OPTIFAST program, reaching her goal in February of last year. Almost a year later, she continues to keep the weight off. Her BMI (Body Mass Index) dropped from an unhealthy 46 to a very healthy BMI of 28. Medically, her blood pressure prior to weight loss required three medications for good control. She now has a normal blood pressure without any medication. Stephanie’s essay below is testimony to how weight loss can positively impact many aspects of a person’s life. The Central Ohio Nutrition Center’s mission is to improve health through weight loss. We do, however, love to see the many other ways weight loss touches a person in a positive way.

In March of 2017, my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I was five months pregnant with our first child and the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I blamed my weight on being pregnant and fully intended on losing it once I gave birth. But when the baby came, my husband was starting his chemotherapy treatments. His situation led me to gain more weight due to stress. Seeing him go through what he did made me realize that I had to get healthy- not just for me, but for my husband and our newborn child. I was just 30 years old and on three different blood pressure medications. Something had to change. I went to CONCI and instantly felt at home. The people, staff, support, and accountability were exactly what I needed to jump start my weight loss. In 45 weeks, I lost 122 pounds and got off all medications. I started maintenance earlier than planned, as my husband and I are now trying to have another child. Due to his cancer and the chemo, we are working with an endocrinologist to have another baby. It’s been a really hard road, but losing weight has increased our chances of getting pregnant exponentially. I’ve lost 10 pounds since starting maintenance by putting to use the tools I’ve learned at CONCI. The goal is to have another child and a family that is healthy and happy. With everything I’ve learned, I know that will happen. In the past year, I ran in 5K’s, rode a bicycle for the first time in my adult life, completed the P90 workouts, and chased my son around at the park. Overall, I am so much more active and happy. Thanks to CONCI, my life has been changed for the better, and I cannot thank them enough.
Stephanie K.