CLEAN Eating…What’s That???

The term “clean eating” can be intimidating, but this new, healthy living concept is quite simple. It’s easy to get stuck in the convenient routine of grabbing any breakfast bar that claims to be nutritious, or to stock up on those “healthy” yogurts that are actually filled with preservatives and added sugar. But the idea of eating clean doesn’t have to be a complicated transition. So, what exactly does it mean to eat clean? It’s exactly how it sounds - free of all the bad ingredients. It’s finding balance of all nutrients in what we eat and all the food [...]

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Finally Eating Healthier

If you’ve ever started a diet program only to give up so far in and ultimately fail along the way, then you fit in pretty well with a majority of the population. The dieting industry is huge in the United States, and it isn’t because so many people are losing weight with magical cures and then never having to think about weight loss again. For most people, the process of losing weight comes with a lot of ups and downs. Getting upset with yourself isn’t the answer to finally losing weight and getting healthy. Instead, the answer may be in changing up the way that you are thinking about how you can achieve weight loss success.

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Do You Have a Pulse?

Pulses are a type of legume. Pulses include chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), lentils and dry peas. Pulses provide protein, dietary fiber, and many vitamins and minerals. They also contain “phytochemicals” (plant chemicals), which may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and other diseases. Foods high in insoluble fiber, such as pulses, help prevent constipation. Pulses also contain soluble fiber, a type of fiber that may help reduce blood cholesterol levels. Pulses are particularly high in the B vitamin folate.

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Does Your Shopping Cart Look Like This?

This is a picture of an actual grocery cart seen at a local grocery store. It is piled high with processed foods. Almost everything in the cart is frozen in a box or bag and ready to heat and eat. Americans busy lifestyle lends itself to falling into the trap of purchasing, almost exclusively, foods that are convenient and quick to prepare. The downside to this is that processed foods are high in sodium content, high in fat content (often with unhealthy types of fat), and disguised as good-for-you health foods despite being laden with sugar.

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What the Heck is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is a pretty simple concept. The basic idea of clean eating is to eat foods that are “as-close-to-its-natural-state” as possible and foods that have no or few additional ingredients. Food choices should focus on those that are not processed or are minimally processed. Pay attention to the food’s journey from origin (field or farm) to your plate. What has been added to it and how it is packaged will often indicate how much processing it has undergone. The pillars of clean eating are whole grains, nuts and seeds, lean proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables.

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