Healthy Home, Happy Home

Where is the healthiest place you spend time? If you’ve started a diet plan in Columbus, it may be your weight loss center, a favorite health food store or your gym. These locations may be important as you lose weight, but one other place will be even more crucial: your home.

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Maintenance is a Must

Summer is here, but don’t take a vacation from your weight loss and maintenance efforts! Weighing-in and having accountability for long-term maintenance are essential for most people. It is important to get on a maintenance schedule, such as attending the group maintenance classes or seeing your favorite dietitian at least once per month. So here are some different options to consider:

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Jump Your Way Thin

If you're interested in effective weight management in Grove City it may be time to consider more unique exercise techniques. A new exercise is quickly gaining popularity with both men and women: trampoline jumping.

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Prevent Regain

Almost every patient that comes to CONCI to start the program tells us the same thing. They tell us their mistake with previous weight losses was that they did not follow through with a maintenance program.

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