How to Achieve your New Year Goals

Every year brings the onset of a long list of New Year’s resolutions. There is something about the shift in dates that inspires people to make major changes. A clean start. New Year, new me is the mantra. While this can be a powerful feeling that can act as a source of inspiration for positive change, it is unfortunately common for many of those goals to fall to the wayside as early as a few weeks into the year. By the time Valentine’s Day comes into the picture, the image is typically one of candy and chocolate hearts rather than vitamins and nutrients.

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Weight Loss Intentions that Last

We all aspire to make positive changes in our day to day lives with the hopes of these changes lasting for years to come. Unfortunately, reality hits and we often draw back from our otherwise good intentions—they just seem to get pushed further and further back on our to-do list.

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Are Your Weight Loss Goals Realistic?

Goals help us define our direction. They make it possible to make a plan of action and to help us determine if we are on the right track. But when we make unrealistic goals, we set ourselves up for failure because we set standards that we can't reach. To be sure that your goals are achievable, you need to make them realistic. For a roadmap to a healthy lifestyle:

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Your Mid-Year Resolutions

Everyone likes to set New Year’s resolutions, and those who follow through on their resolutions oftentimes are assessing their behaviors/motivation throughout the year. So although the year is more than half over, what were the resolutions you set for yourself this year? Were they realistic? And what would you like to accomplish the rest of 2014?

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Staying Realistic with your Diet and Weight Loss Goals

When you are first starting out with something, it is easy to be overly ambitious. This is a problem that people often encounter when starting out with a new exercise program. As you begin a diet and weight loss program in Columbus, be sure to keep your fitness and weight loss goals realistic. If you have trouble reaching the goals you set for yourself, your overzealous goal-setting may damage your ability to stay motivated down the road.

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