Moderation is Best Bet to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The reality is that holiday foods are calorically dense. In other words, a small portion has a significant number of calories. To expect to burn off these extra calories through exercise is wishful thinking. Why? Because seasonal goodies have far more calories than is possible to burn off doing a realistic amount of exercise. What compounds the problem is that holiday indulgence occurs almost daily from Thanksgiving through the end of the year.

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Mindfulness and Eating

Because food is such a big part of our culture and environment, oftentimes we are unaware of what and how much we are eating. Our food saturated environment (potlucks, “drive through,” fast food, order-out pizza, food laden checkouts and donut-filled break rooms) make healthy eating a real challenge! Therefore, if we are trying to control and manage our food intake and body weight, we must pay deliberate attention to eating and the pleasure of food.

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Bigger than Weight Loss

When it comes to talking about your health and well-being, overlooking your mental health is a big mistake. Your mental health has a direct influence on your day to day mood, and anyone who has tried losing weight knows the huge impact that a positive mood and good attitude can have on your progress. During your medical weight loss program in Columbus, focusing on improving your mood and stabilizing your mental health can help you progress towards reaching your weight loss goal.

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