On Buying Healthy Foods

According to a recent study, it is estimated that about 15% of all American meals come from fast food restaurants as of 2014. This number has increased drastically in the past decade, and even as two-thirds of Americans are medically overweight or obese and the focus on weight loss has never been higher, the percentage of meals consumed at home continues to dwindle.

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Healthy Living: Moderation is Key

So many people look at the weight loss process as a series of “do not’s.” Do not eat this, do not eat that. Do not stay up too late, do not skip a workout. It is true that when you embark on a medical weight loss program you are going to bring in many changes to your life, but looking at all those changes as a series of limitations and rules that can’t be broken will only lead to stress and frustration.

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Caffeine Controversy

It doesn’t matter if you live in Columbus, Ohio or Colombia, there is one habit that people across the globe have trouble shaking: drinking coffee. The highly caffeinated drink has been a staple throughout much of Western Civilization, and in our modern US society, there are a bare few who don’t think of themselves as nearly dependent on the beverage.

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The Holidays – Enjoy them without Gaining Weight

The holidays are upon us, and there are many traditions that take us away from our regular routines! Instead of “throwing all caution to the wind,” plan ahead in order to enjoy the holidays and practice good healthy eating and exercise habits. In fact, you may enjoy the holidays more, if you feel good, and focus on other joys of the holiday season.

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