Successful Self-Monitoring during Weight Loss and Maintenance

Most dieters know that keeping a journal helps with accountability and “staying on track.” In fact, in a study of 123 postmenopausal women, those who completed more food journals experienced significantly greater weight loss (Kong, J Acad Nutr and Diet, 2012). One of the keys of successful weight maintenance has been keeping a food intake journal which tracks foods, amounts, and calories.

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Ready or Not, Here They (THE HOLIDAYS) Come

“Winging it” never works! The holidays always make weight management an even greater challenge. Get your game plan ready! Planning is essential for success not just during the holidays but in everyday life. To better understand why planning is important, give this example some thought.

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Eat Right on a Budget

One of the core components of any medical weight loss program is dietary changes. As you adjust to your new lifestyle, you will begin incorporating healthier food choices into your daily diet. This is actually one of the biggest issues that many people run into when thinking about losing weight or eating more healthily. Healthy food carries the stigma of being more expensive, and considering the average American already spends about $6,300 on food every year, the thought of food expenses going up is a legitimate concern for most.

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Manage Your Time – Maintain a Healthy Weight

To help maintain a healthy weight, managing one’s time is very important. People who are very busy feel stressed, and this can lead to overeating. On the other hand, people who have too much time on their hands may feel bored and turn to food for stimulation and relaxation. In addition, others feel they have little time to exercise and to prepare the proper, nutritious foods.

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