CLEAN Eating…What’s That???

The term “clean eating” can be intimidating, but this new, healthy living concept is quite simple. It’s easy to get stuck in the convenient routine of grabbing any breakfast bar that claims to be nutritious, or to stock up on those “healthy” yogurts that are actually filled with preservatives and added sugar. But the idea of eating clean doesn’t have to be a complicated transition. So, what exactly does it mean to eat clean? It’s exactly how it sounds - free of all the bad ingredients. It’s finding balance of all nutrients in what we eat and all the food [...]

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Thanksgiving Dinner Favorites Have HOW Many Calories?

Thanksgiving dinner can be a calorie disaster. Knowledge is power, so be aware of the calories you are consuming in typical Thanksgiving foods. Use the following tips to choose wisely: *White Means Light 4 ounces of turkey breast has 180 calories; 4 ounces of dark meat has 323

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Nutrition/Activity Choices and Brain Health

Mediterranean Diet may be good for your brain. Studies indicate that this diet is related to decreased risk of heart disease, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. It also appears to be less damaging to small blood vessels in the brain. In a 2009 study, those following a Mediterranean-like diet were 40% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s over a 5-year period.

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Your Beverage of Choice

Many times people do not pay attention to what they drink, but just concentrate on the food that they eat. Most health experts advise patients to decrease the amount of sugar-sweetened beverages that they consume. Research has shown that drinking just one or two sugar-sweetened beverages daily can increase the risk for type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke. In addition, according to a new report of the Framingham Heart Study, drinking sugary sodas was associated with more fat around the belly.

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ALL-NATURAL… What Does It Mean?

Claims on food packaging can be confusing and misleading. A nutritional claim on a label can lead consumers to assume the product is superior to a product that has packaging that makes no claims. One would assume that “all-natural” used on a product packaging would indicate that the product is healthy, free of artificial ingredients, and made without GMO’s.

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