Eating Healthy: How to Establish a Healthy Diet

To help Americans improve their eating habits, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services collaborates with the USDA in order to publish a comprehensive guide to healthy eating known as "Dietary Guidelines for Americans." A new edition of this guide is developed and published every five years. The information within this document is based on proven scientific research and concepts.

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Nutrition Label May Be Up-Dated

Are you confused by nutrition labels? Changes are proposed to make the nutrition information on packaging more user-friendly and more realistic in regard to portion sizes. The FDA is considering the following changes, although it is not clear when these changes will begin to appear on labels.

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Simplify Your Eating Plan

One of the key factors for those who have lost and then maintained weight loss, is a simplified eating plan. One of the reasons the Optifast program works so well is that it is simple and structured. Beyond Optifast and into maintenance, this concept works well for long-term weight maintenance. Snacking and grazing may work for a little while but the lack of structure to an eating plan may lead to an excessive calorie intake.

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New Food Labeling System

The Facts Up Front (FUF) label is a new voluntary label that is showing up on more and more products. This front-of-package label lists the highlights of the more involved nutrition label. It gives a quick and easy way to make an assessment of a food and its nutritional worth.

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Liquid Calories – They Do Add Up!

We sometimes forget that liquid calories do count! That innocent coffee or sports drink does not seem that it would have much impact on your body weight, but over a period of time, they do all add to your total dietary intake! Just make sure that you realize what you are drinking. Here are a few eye-openers if you have not thought of these already!

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