Motivation to Lose Weight and Stay Thinner

Dr. James Levine studied 10 obese and 10 healthy weight (BMI) individuals who all described themselves as couch potatoes. The obese individuals were sitting 2 ½ hours more per day than the healthy weight subjects. This is a 150 minute/day difference equal to 352 calories or a 36 lb weight gain in a year! Look at and for ideas to move more.

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Eat Well – No Matter What Your Age!

There seems to be no age limit on eating well. A study presented by Afonso MD of Wayne State University in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that a good diet reduces the risk of death, even in an elderly population with health problems. Approximately 4000 people aged 65 were studied and their diets were scored according to the Healthy Eating Index (US Dept of Agriculture). The index includes the intake of fruits and vegetables, salt, meat and beans, and oils. The researchers found that only 18% of the participants actually had a diet that that was above a score of 80 or a “good” diet.

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Obesity and your genes

In a society where a person’s worth as a human being is often judged by their appearance, obesity is sometimes seen as the last acceptable prejudice. The overweight are insulted, humiliated and judged as lazy gluttons with no will-power and no self- control. Research studies are beginning to produce a stack of evidence that this attitude is scientifically unsustainable.

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