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Amber: 100 Pounds Lost

“CONCI and the OPTIFAST Program have changed my life.”

Much too young to be having health issues, Amber D., a mother of four, saw her health declining after the birth of her fourth child. Being the mother of a child with a rare genetic disorder, she knew her daughter needed her. As for her other three children, she was scared that she might not see them grow up. Her fear was rooted in the fact that her health issues were a result of her excess weight.

“I chose the Central Ohio Nutrition Center because of the accountability factor. The atmosphere at CONCI was inviting, no judgement, just people that genuinely wanted to offer me help and support. I needed that extra push to keep going and that’s what CONCI provided for me! OPTIFAST gave me the immediate results I was looking for. In a matter of weeks I noticed my energy levels changed for the better! I also no longer needed blood pressure medication!”

Amber lost 100 pounds in 9 months. She is no longer constantly tired and struggling to keep up with everyday activities. She is now able to walk long distances. Previously, she was short of breath after walking just a few steps. Prior to losing weight, Amber had pain in her lower back significant enough to requireshe cook while sitting in a chair! That is a thing of the past! She is pleased to fit in size 11 clothing instead of size 20!

Amber feels she has a second chance to live a healthy life for both herself and her children. Because of weight loss, she is the vibrant young woman that she once was! “OPTIFAST changed my life, and I feel amazing!”