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Andrew: 102 lbs. Lost

Andrew: 102 lbs Lost

Graduate Student Loses 102 Pounds in 15 Weeks

Andrew Saunders is a 24 year old graduate student at Ohio State. His diet was typical of most college students. The majority of his meals consisted of fast food, lots of carbohydrate, and processed foods. As is common with many college students, the sedentary life at school in combination with poor eating habits resulted in weight gain. Most young people do not make the connection between poor eating habits, weight gain, and health issues. Andrew, however, is the son of a physician, so he was aware that excess weight can have an impact on health.

Despite his young age, Andrew already had cholesterol levels much higher than is considered healthy. He also fit the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, which is seen frequently in those who are overweight. The diagnosis of metabolic syndrome puts a person at much higher risk for heart disease. Andrew knew that weight loss was necessary to avoid health problems at an all-too-young age.

Andrew’s father is a physician at an OPTIFAST program in another city. A firm believer in the program, he encouraged his son to consider the OPTIFAST program at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. Andrew started the diet in May 2011 and, in 15 weeks, lost 102 pounds.

Losing 29% of his starting weight proved beneficial in many ways. Andrew’s cholesterol dropped to a healthier level. Having always dealt with foot and ankle problems, Andrew now has much less pain. He can work out now without feeling exhausted, and can “play basketball for hours and still feel good.” Improving his appearance is a definite plus for this young man as he is about to begin his professional life.

Needless to say, Andrew was happy to lose the weight so quickly. He feels the weekly meetings with the clinic’s registered dietitians helped him plan for life after OPTIFAST. Realizing the need for guidance in food selection, Andrew is working with the dietitians to learn how to be a college student but eat healthy at the same time. His determination and willingness to makes the necessary changes are key to Andrew’s continued success.