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Andy and Jenea: 133 lbs Lost

andy and jenea weight loss success

The Hagenbuchs are still in process with their weight loss, but are ecstatic about their results so far. This young couple is looking forward to starting a family, but is being smart about getting in optimal shape and health prior to becoming parents. Andy and Jenea realize that being responsible parents also means being responsible about their own health and well-being. What a great example this couple is of the importance of planning ahead for a great outcome for future children as well as for themselves.

After liking what they read on the CONCI website, the Hagenbuchs made the decision to try the OPTIFAST program. They liked the fact that the program was medically monitored, structured, and provided accountability. It was important to them to lose weight safely and to have available to them the education they needed when the time came to keep the weight off.

In six months Jenea lost 73 pounds and Andy has shed 60. Both have had a significant drop in their BMI (body mass index). Andy’s pant size dropped from 54 to 40. They both state that they feel better overall and are more confident.

Not yet at their goal weight, Jenea and Andy continue on their weight loss journey. Both were overweight as children and saw other family members struggle with obesity. Their long-term goal is to keep their weight under control with good eating and exercise habits and to set a good example for their future children.