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Audrey: 70 Pounds Lost

Congratulations to Audrey G., a patient at CONCI’S Gahanna office and one of Nestle’s 2020 INSPIRE OTHERS to OPT for OPTIFAST®Contest winners! Each year the nationwide contest recognizes three patients who lost weight on the OPTIFAST® Program. The annual contest is offered to celebrate the winners’ success and to offer inspiration to others to improve their health and quality of life by losing weight. Continue reading about Audrey’s weight loss journey…

Despite being young, it was clear to Audrey G. that excess weight was impacting her life. She had difficulty finding clothes and swimsuits for trips, she found that playing outside with her daughter began feeling more like a chore than fun, and she would make it a point tohave photos of herself taken from the waist up only.

Audrey struggled with various weight loss solutions for nearly five years.That all changed in 2020 when she committed to losing weight with the OPTIFAST®Program. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Audrey stuck with it, feeling mentally stronger after getting through her first six weeks. Her total weight loss was 70 pounds!

“OPTIFAST® made my weight loss experience simple and convenient, something that I never thought was possible. I had to put mymind to it 100%, and once I was ready, there was no turning back! I went from body conscious to body confident after losing 70 pounds! I feel better than ever. With a new life and new body, I have more self-confidence – I’m loving myself more, even taking full length pictures! No more waist-up only! “I’m proud to now be at a healthy weight and will be planning for another child in the future.”

After completing the program Audrey stated,“In the end, it’s all up to you…you have to be ready to help yourself.”