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Becca G.: 128 Pounds Lost


“I had a beautiful baby girl that had just started walking and wanted her mommy to play with her, but I was getting winded just trying to change her diaper. I knew I had to do something so I could be the mother I wanted to be for her.”

Becca G. knew she needed to lose weight for the good of her daughter but also for her own good. The problems brought on by excess weight that slowly deteriorate a person’s health were starting to surface. Becca stated “The reason I wanted to lose weight was about much more than numbers on the scale.This was about being able to run around with my daughter, getting back to being healthier and happier, and being around for my family for many years.”

Becca decided to come to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center after seeing how successful her husband was on the OPTIFAST program.“I chose OPTIFAST after trying many other diets and programs that didn’t work for me because I needed stricter rules and less wiggle room. In the past, my cheat meals would become cheat days, then cheat weeks, and then I would quit all together.” OPTIFAST gave her a clear plan without the choices that got her off-track on previous diets. “The CONCI staff was always encouraging and offered more accountability and support than anything else I’ve ever tried. That support was invaluable throughout the process.”

Another motivation to lose weight stemmed from Becca’s love of dance. She had been a tap dancer since the age of 2. No longer able to dance due to her weight, Becca yearned to get back on the dance floor. She also wanted to be able to teach her daughter the art form she loved so much.

In 8 months Becca lost 128 pounds, 42% of her body weight, and reduced her body fat from 41% to 27%. Her BMI dropped from 44 to 25 and her pant size decreased from 26 to size 12! Her weight loss greatly improved her health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is happier and more confident in herself and her abilities.

She has resumed tap dancing classes. “Being able to tap again has brought me so much joy, and now my two-year-old is tapping with me!” Becca can easily chase her toddler around the house, and getting down on the floor to play with her is no longer a problem. The little everyday things that once were a burden are now effortless.

Now in maintenance, Becca is realistic and expects there to be struggles but also successes. “I will continue to draw on this whole experience as my motivation to keep the weight off. The main reason I gained so much weight in the first place was lack of planning. I didn’t schedule time to exercise, and I didn’t think about meals until I was out of time and driving through another drive through. I plan to think ahead and be more prepared so that I do not find myself in that situation. My husband lost 261 pounds on OPTIFAST and is my partner moving forward through maintenance!”