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Becky P: 83 lbs Lost

Becky P Weight Loss Success

Becky P thought she was doing everything right. She made healthy food choices and ate small frequent meals. She was very active with her own housecleaning business, Pilates, and walking. Her snacks, however, were usually sweets which added enough extra calories to cause a gradual and steady weight gain. Her weight was affecting her health with blood pressure and cholesterol both elevated. Sleep apnea was having a negative influence on her quality of life. Her struggle with weight eventually found her in her doctor’s office, asking for help. The Central Ohio Nutrition Center was where her doctor recommended she go for guidance.

In eight months Becky lost 83 pounds. She reached her goal in June of 2012 and now, almost two years later, she is doing well keeping off her weight. Her BMI (body mass index) dropped from 41 to 28. Becky clearly saw health benefits resulting from her weight loss. Her blood pressure normalized, and her cholesterol significantly decreased. Fatigue which was a constant challenge is now significantly improved. Becky states that she can enjoy life so much more and now accepts new challenges without fearing failure. Her success has been an extremely motivating factor after so many years of failure.

Becky appreciated that CONCI worked with her as an individual. She enthusiastically stated, “CONCI is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of program. If you listen to Kathy and Millie (Grove City dietitians), you will be successful!”

Becky stays active with her busy housecleaning business, but also finds time to do water aerobics. First introduced to water aerobics during her weight loss, she is now an instructor and motivates others! Her positive outlook and enthusiasm keep her focused on what must be done to keep her weight and health where she wants it to be.