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Bob D: 83 lbs. Lost

Bob D 83 lbs Lost
Bob D. gave himself an out-of-the-ordinary 70th birthday present. He gave himself the gift of better health by vowing to lose weight. Not feeling well much of the time, Bob wanted to continue living and knew that extending his life meant taking better care of himself by losing his excess pounds. His plan to accomplish this was to follow the OPTIFAST program until he reached his goal weight.

Bob lost 83 pounds in six months and feels better than he has in years. His diabetes and blood pressure have significantly improved. Exercise and walking are a pleasure now that he has less joint pain and improved mobility. He has resumed enjoyable activities that he had stopped doing because of his weight. Fatigue has been replaced with energy! Bob is proud to be wearing a size 38 pant instead of size 46.

Bob will reach his 71st birthday healthier, happier, and enjoying a better quality of life.