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Bradley S.: 87 lbs. Lost

87 pounds lost in 5 months

Despite a strong family history of obesity, Bradley S. managed his weight well until his early 20’s.  However, in the 12 years between age 22 and age 34, he gained 100 pounds.  Bradley  went from being the smallest in his family to almost the largest. Carrying so much extra weight zapped his energy, it was uncomfortable to move around, and his attitude and outlook on life deteriorated.  He knew it was time to address his weight problem when he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. He was told he was at high risk of having a cardiovascular event within five years if he didn’t lose weight.  

Bradley considered bariatric surgery, but, after doing some research, decided that he would attempt the OPTIFAST program first.  He liked the fact that he would see a physician and registered dietitian weekly.  After just five months on the program, Bradley was down 87 pounds and comfortable again in his body.  His average loss was about 5 pounds weekly.  Bradley’s greatest benefit from weight loss was a significant improvement in his sleep apnea. He no longer needs a C-PAP when sleeping! Elevated prior to weight loss, his cholesterol and triglycerides dropped to normal range. His waist size decreased from 48 inches to 32. His outlook on life returned to a positive one.

Regarding his expectations about maintenance, Bradley knows that he needs to stay focused and never return to previous habits.  He ate dinner in restaurants 4-5 times weekly and ate lunch out often as well.  He realizes that frequency of dining out must stop, and he is accepting of that fact. Bradley took advantage of the education and guidance provided by CONCI dietitians.  He is happy to once again be the smallest in his family.   He plans to put into practice what he learned so that he remains that way.