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Bruce T: lost 140 lbs. in 10 months

Bruce T.  was getting ready to retire.  After some self-assessment, he realized he was fed up with his weight and the impact it had on his life. He was not happy with his general health and appearance.  His extra pounds impacted his health in the form of high blood pressure and knee problems that resulted in two joint replacements.   If he wanted to enjoy the type of retirement he wanted, he had to make a commitment to changes that would get him to a healthier weight.

A colleague of his had great results on the OPTIFAST program. Impressed with his friend’s success, Bruce checked out the Central Ohio Nutrition Center.  After ten months on the program, Bruce was down 140 pounds!  Bruce was so committed to his goal that he even used some OPTIFAST while on vacation in Costa Rica!

His reassessment after weight loss has changed dramatically.  His blood pressure improved to the point of no longer requiring medication.  His health in general has benefited from weight loss.  Exercise is more enjoyable and more effective due to his improved energy level.  New belts are necessary with a 14-inch loss in waist size.   Although not as important as the benefit of better health, Bruce is proud to give weight loss the credit for his improved golf game.  His average golf score dropped by five strokes over last golf season!

Bruce stated that the CONCI staff played a key role in his success. Both he and his wife were impressed with the constant monitoring and encouragement from the doctors, dietitians and medical assistants.  Their support, along with his family’s support, was invaluable.

Ten months after reaching his goal Bruce is maintaining the weight he lost.