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Bryan: 120 lbs. Lost

Bryan weight loss success

Joint Pain Improved With 120 Pound Weight Loss

Bryan’s ‘alarm’ went off when he saw his health deteriorating because of his weight. Already experiencing chronic joint pain in both knees, Bryan’s doctor recently diagnosed him with hypertension. At 45 years of age, he knew his health was going downhill too much, too soon.

While contemplating how to approach the task of weight loss, Bryan learned of a friend’s success with the OPTIFAST program. Bryan turned to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI), determined to be successful as well. In just over a year on the OPTIFAST program, Bryan lost 120 pounds. A big relief to Bryan is that he is no longer limited by painful knees. Although he enjoys the compliments on his improved appearance, he says that the ability to do more physically challenging things ‘is like being freed up from a prison.’ ‘There are so many things I can do now that I previously had to depend on others for,’ states Bryan.

What helped Bryan the most during the OPTIFAST program was his determination. He realized that the responsibility to adhere to the diet was his alone. Positive reinforcement from family, friends, and the CONCI dietitians contributed to the strength and support he needed to accomplish his goal.

Now that the weight is off, Bryan is no longer a spectator. He enjoys doing what he couldn’t before the weight loss. He wrestles with his grandchildren and is able to resume sporting activities that he had been forced to stop.

Bryan has no plans to return to his old habits. His maintenance strategy includes healthy eating and regular exercise. He knows he must always be conscious of his food choices and lifestyle. These efforts, Bryan says, are minimal compared to ‘the prison of excess weight.’