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Casey A: 77 lbs Lost

Casey A Weight Loss Success

41 year old Casey A. had been overweight most of his adult life. Having struggled with Crohn’s disease the past ten years, Casey used his disease as an excuse for his weight. He did not give any thought to the impact his weight was having on medical problems unrelated to Crohn’s. At his annual physical last year, his doctor pointed out his high cholesterol, reflux, and sleep apnea and emphasized how they were in large part due to his weight. He also pointed out how the excess weight was not doing anything positive for his Crohn’s disease.

Comments his doctor made caused Casey to make the decision to lose weight for his physical well-being and for his mental health as well. He also realized that indirectly his family was impacted by his weight. As his weight climbed, Casey could participate less and less in his 8 year old son’s activities. He could see in his son’s eyes the disappointment of not having a father that could be active with him. Casey realized that, in a way, he was choosing food over his son. His determination to lose weight came at that moment.

Casey was inspired by a good friend who lost weight on the OPTIFAST program. OPTIFAST appealed to him because he wanted a drastic approach to weight loss. Wanting professionals who would be frank and honest with him, he requested a “drill sergeant” approach. He wanted a program that would teach him how to be responsible for his healthier future.

In just 5 months Casey lost 77 pounds. Casey’s life has changed dramatically. For the first time in years he feels physically and mentally fit. Medical issues that were due to his excess weight are now resolved. He is swimming, biking, and jogging…and loving it! Best of all, on a recent family vacation, he loved seeing his son have “the best time ever” because his dad was able to climb around an aircraft carrier and a World War II submarine with him. His son beamed having dad right there with him! And Casey enjoyed a victorious moment knowing that 77 pounds ago he would have been watching and not participating with his son. What a win-win for them both!