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Charlene H: 48 lbs Lost

Charlene H 48 lbs Lost
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Charlene H. is a senior citizen who had a very satisfying career in the food industry.  She “loves food” and worked with it her entire life. Although she is still employed part-time, her main focus now is her own health and wellness rather than her food-focused work.  Aside from her work,  Charlene also commented that, after taking care of everyone else for years, the time had come to take care of herself.  As she saw her blood pressure and cholesterol climb, she knew both were largely due to her steadily increasing weight.  A painful knee constantly reminded her that dropping some weight would be in her best interest.

Charlene discussed her health concerns with her primary care physician who referred her to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center.  She liked the fact that she would be monitored by a physician during weight loss and would have the services of a registered dietitian available to her. Having various diet options  from which to choose also appealed to her.  Charlene preferred to follow a food plan rather than the OPTIFAST program.  She began a VLCD (very low calorie diet) that provided just 800 calories. She was comfortable with the  calorie level because of the medical monitoring she would receive.  In just eight months Charlene lost 48 pounds.

Charlene’s body fat percentage dropped from 45 to 29%.  Shortness of breath was no longer a problem, mobility improved, and Charlene enjoyed a higher energy level.  Her blood pressure medication dosage  was cut in half and her cholesterol dropped.  Her self- confidence greatly improved.  She is having fun wearing more stylish clothes. “I don t have to hide behind big clothes anymore.”

Charlene states that her success was due to changing her priorities, being determined, and staying focused.  Looking and feeling healthy are at the top of her priority list.

Charlene admits that she loves to eat. She stated, “The difference now is that I am eating healthier by giving thought to what I put in my mouth. The diet and guidance I received from the dietitians prepared me for how I need to eat to maintain.”