CHARLIE DROPPED 60 POUNDS IN 4 MONTHS! 2019-11-05T20:35:02+00:00

Charlie dropped 60 pounds in 4 months!

Charlie’s weight crept slowly and steadily throughout his adult life. During his working years, he left a physical job for a very sedentary one. A consequence of the job change was a gradual increase in weight. More recently, a family member’s illness caused him to turn to food to deal with stress and for the momentary comfort that food provides. This behavior resulted in additional weight gain.

At age 62, Charlie found himself dealing with physical problems that worsened due to his weight. His blood pressure was elevated, and he was told to start medication to lower it. Not wanting to take a prescription drug to lower his pressure, Charlie was motivated to work on dropping his blood pressure readings by dropping some weight. In addition, he was weary of dealing with hip and knee pain which continued to worsen. Decreasing his pain level was a strong incentive to lose weight as well.

Charlie was so determined to lose weight that he made the commitment to drive the 120 mile round trip from his home weekly to participate in the OPTIFAST® program in Columbus. Not successful on his own and realizing he needed help, Charlie was impressed with the medical monitoring and accountability that CONCI offered. Charlie stayed committed and lost 60 pounds in 4 months! Not only has his blood pressure returned to normal, but the daily pain he deals with in his joints is significantly improved.

Charlie has kept his weight off for a year and a half now. He continues to visit the clinic monthly to see his dietitian. “Making the commitment to be accountable on a regular basis has kept me on track with maintenance,” stated Charlie.