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Charlie: 131 lbs. Lost

Charlie: 131 lbs. Lost

Charlie Staten Loses 131 Pounds in 11 Months

With the start of a new year, Charlie Staten decided that 2011 was the year that he would finally do something about his weight. Weight issues were a problem in his family; Charlie even had a brother that died of health problems largely due to weight. Now in his 60’s, Charlie realized that it was time to take control of those things that he did have some control over.

Knowing his health problems would come under better control with weight loss, his doctor encouraged Charlie to look into the OPTIFAST program at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. Charlie was on medication for high blood pressure and used a C-PAP for sleep apnea. Walking was painful because of arthritis in his knee and also because of swelling in his legs. Metabolic syndrome, a problem often seen in significantly overweight individuals, was also on Charlie’s list of medical issues. In an attempt to keep his medical problems under control, Charlie took 7 prescription drugs daily.

Charlie started the OPTIFAST program in February of 2011. By February 1, 2012, he reached his goal. He lost 131 pounds and also lost the need for 6 of his 7 prescription drugs! His blood pressure is normal, and he has significantly less knee pain and less swelling in his legs. He will be seeing his sleep specialist to determine whether he can discontinue use of his C-PAP.

The benefits of weight loss for Charlie go beyond better health. His pant size dropped from 46 to 36. In fact, all of his clothes had to be replaced with much smaller sizes. Even his shoes became too big!

Charlie was amused (and flattered) when his friends would walk right by, not recognizing him. Although his health was his main focus for losing weight, Charlie admits it is great to be looking better as well.

Exercise has become a daily part of Charlie’s life. During his weight loss journey Charlie went to his local gym to help get the weight off, but more importantly to improve his cardiovascular health. He now says that he is “hooked” on exercise and looks forward to it every day. He knows it is key to keeping weight off.