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Chris: 182 lbs. Lost

Chris: 182 lbs. Lost

Chris Hubbard had a medical emergency in June of 2011 which put him in the hospital. At the time, he weighed 514 pounds. While in the hospital, he will never forget the visit he had by a doctor who told him that he would not live to see his 50th birthday unless he changed his lifestyle drastically. At the time, Chris was 49 years old. Chris feels that the doctor’s comment saved his life. The fear it generated resulted in Chris taking action.

Chris’s medical problems are many. Among others, Chris has high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and acid reflux. These three problems are often made worse by obesity. Chris maintained a good weight until about 23 years ago. He “became lax’ over the years resulting in a steady increase in his weight. As his weight crept, the severity of his medical problems worsened as well.

The simplicity of the OPTIFAST program appealed to Chris. He and his dad began the program together in July 2011 and were great support for each other. In ten months, Chris has lost 182 pounds. He has 100 more pounds to lose and intends to lose it the same way he lost the 182… by continuing on the OPTIFAST program. Chris’s dad has reached his goal and is on maintenance. He continues to be great support for his son.

Chris is enjoying many benefits of weight loss. Breathing and sleeping better, Chris no longer needs his C-PAP machine. He has eliminated one blood pressure medication and no longer has acid reflux. He perspires less and has an overall feeling of well-being. Chris is getting great pleasure purchasing clothes off the rack at a regular department store.

Chris’s advice to anyone contemplating weight loss: “Be honest with yourself. You are no longer a teenager and can no longer eat like one. Realize that you can’t eat the way you used to and be accepting of that fact.”