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Chuck and Kathy: 165 lbs Lost

Chuck and Kathy before 165lb weight loss

In June 2009, Chuck Holman desperately needed both knees replaced. Weighing 335 pounds, he was refused knee surgery until he lost at least 80 pounds. His diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart disease, gastric reflux, and cellulitis were all made worse by his obesity. Chuck and his wife enjoy traveling. His doctors told him he could no longer travel. Driving and flying were both too risky. An avid outdoorsman, his passion for hunting was also curtailed by his weight .His perspective on life was deteriorating. Life was no longer fun.

Chuck’s wife Kathy was also overweight and experiencing health issues. As she watched her husband’s health deteriorate, her perspective on life also worsened.  She was her husband’s full-time caregiver. Chuck could not share in the work of everyday life.  With having to “do it all,” Kathy felt she lost her freedom. Her life was no longer fun either.

What a difference a year makes! Encouraged by the success they saw a friend have with the OPTIFAST program, Chuck and Kathy started the program in July of 2009. Now a year later, Chuck has lost 111 pounds and Kathy 54 pounds.  After losing 80 pounds, Chuck’s doctor agreed to replace one knee in November 2009 and the other in February 2010. Chuck now uses 20 units of insulin instead of 140. He takes TEN fewer prescription medications than he did prior to weight loss. Instead of sleeping “around the clock,” Chuck now sleeps much less and much better. In addition to much improved health and energy, Chuck and Kathy are back to traveling, hunting, and working together. Life is good again!  Kathy’s only complaint now is that Chuck won’t slow down!