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Connie: 50 lbs. Lost

Connie: 50 lbs. Lost

Connie King had gastric bypass surgery in 1993 and subsequently lost 120 pounds. As is the case with many who undergo bariatric surgery, she thought the surgery was her golden ticket to be able to eat as she had before the surgery. After regaining 50 pounds, Connie realized that having the surgery did not guarantee permanent weight loss. In other words, there is no “golden ticket.” Bariatric surgery requires the same lifestyle and food habit changes that are necessary regardless of the manner in which the weight is lost.

As Connie’s weight climbed, so did her cholesterol level. Acid reflux was a problem that required medication to control it. Both knees hurt. Refusing to face the possibility of gaining back the 120 pounds, Connie knew it was decision time. How was she going to lose the regained weight, and how was she going to prevent regain in the future?

Connie chose the OPTIFAST program which she started in January of 2012. She lost 50 pounds in seven months. OPTIFAST was the right program for her because results were fast enough to keep her highly motivated.

Connie loves the way she feels and looks. She is still getting used to seeing a thinner person when she looks in the mirror! Her cholesterol is down to normal, she no longer needs medication for acid reflux, and her energy level is wonderful. Her knees have improved to the point that she is now starting to jog!

Connie is searching for a new job. Although she knows the market is flooded with others who are unemployed, her confidence has improved and she is more optimistic about finding a job now that her appearance and health have improved.

Connie will not make the same mistake again. She is committed to making the changes necessary to keep the weight off permanently.