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Daniel lost 90 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST
Daniel Joy is a 26 year old music teacher and assistant high school band director. As is typical for many new graduates, his transition from college student to the working world impacted his eating and his weight.  His commitment to marching band involves long hours and eating on the run.  Even at his young age, it did not take long for poor eating habits to translate into a significant weight gain.  The domino effect continued when his extra weight started to impact his blood pressure.  The alarm went off when Daniel’s doctor told him he needed medication to reduce his blood pressure.

On New Year’s Eve 2009, Daniel realized that he was, once again, resolving to lose weight.  He decided that this year’s resolution would be to never have to resolve to lose weight again.  A few weeks later, the news to start blood pressure medication sealed the deal in regard to keeping his resolution.

Daniel lost 90 pounds in four months on the OPTIFAST program. His determination to get his excess weight off and improve his health was evident in his compliance to the program.  Despite countless opportunities to do so, he did not touch food for the entire four months.

How did Daniel stay motivated?  When he was an Ohio State University student, Daniel was a member of the Ohio State Marching Band.  He decided he wanted to participate in the Alumni Game at the start of this year’s football season.  He wanted to be in good enough shape to enjoy marching down the field again.  Keeping the mental picture of enjoying that experience helped keep him on track.  Daniel also credits the support system he had in his family and friends.

How has weight loss benefited Daniel?   Daniel’s blood pressure was so markedly improved that he was able to discontinue use of medication.  His liver enzymes, triglycerides, and LDL (bad) cholesterol are all normal.  Prior to weight loss, all three were elevated.  Daniel is so proud of the fact that, since losing his weight, his parents have begun to take their health more seriously.  With their son as an inspiration, they have lost a combined total weight of 50 pounds. Dan is enjoying spending quality time with his mom cooking and discovering new low calorie dishes.

Daniel is serious about keeping the weight off.  He has taken advantage of his weekly visits with the dietitian to learn what he needs to do for maintenance.  He has learned that he needs to be assertive with others, always remembering what he needs to do for his own success.  He has become aware of the hidden calories in restaurant food and has learned alternatives to eating out.  After losing some weight, Daniel started the P90X workout program.  (This is an intense workout program that should never be attempted without first consulting your doctor).

Daniel offered advice to others contemplating weight loss:  “Anyone who wants to lose weight needs to realize that it is a life-long commitment.  Decide who will be supportive of you and surround yourself with those people.  Have a vision of what you want. YOU have to decide to do what is necessary to be at a healthy weight.  YOU have to commit yourself to what works.  Do these things and you will be successful.”