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Darlene H: 66 lbs lost

Cancer survivor continues to improve health with 66 pound loss

Darlene H never dealt with a weight problem until she retired and quit smoking.  To make matters worse, she broke her leg and could not walk for a year, resulting in more weight gain. She found herself suddenly 80 pounds overweight.

In an attempt to get back to the weight she was her entire adult life, Darlene tried many diets, lost some weight, and then hit stubborn plateaus. She even tried a ten-day weight loss camp out of state!  Frustrated, she began the process to have lap band surgery. Darlene was scheduled for the surgery when she received some bad news. She was diagnosed with colon cancer. Weight loss had to be put on hold while she underwent cancer surgery.

Darlene knew that weight loss was important for health reasons. After her successful cancer surgery, she was motivated to lose weight to further improve her health. Darlene was inspired by two friends who had lost a significant amount of weight on the OPTIFAST program through the Central Ohio Nutrition Center.  She decided OPTIFAST was going to be her way of getting the weight off.

Darlene started the OPTIFAST program last July.  Now, eight months later, she has taken off 66 pounds. As a result of weight loss, her blood pressure has improved. She was completely taken off one blood pressure medication and now takes a lower dose of the other. She no longer has heartburn and has less pain in her joints. Her plantar fasciitis is much better. Darlene is enjoying the energy that she did not have while 80 pounds overweight. An added bonus is that she took ten inches off her waist!

Darlene continues on a modified version of OPTIFAST which allows her to eat one meal daily. She is determined to take off her last 20 pounds!

Help yourself improve your health through weight loss. Only a 10% drop in weight can have a great impact on health.  It is a fact that obesity increases the risk of some cancers.  Do all you can to avoid cancer by keeping weight under control. Do all you can to keep yourself healthy!