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Dave L: 110 lbs Lost

dave l weight loss success

As a second-generation farmer, Dave L’s job requires long hours, strength to change 500-pound tractor tires, energy to move dozens of bales of hay, and flexibility to fit into tight spaces. Agricultural equipment is potentially dangerous, so there is little room for mistakes. At 380 pounds, Dave battled stiff joints and physical exhaustion, either of which exposed him to operator risk. Regardless, the motivation to lose weight was not strong enough to take action.

Playing with his grandson is Dave’s biggest joy! When he was not able to get on the floor to play with him he knew it was time to get serious about weight loss. Medical problems that had arisen over the years were additional incentives to get his weight under control. High blood pressure, sleep apnea, reflux, and painful knees were problems he could address with a drop in weight.

Dave was motivated by the inspirational patient stories he saw on CONCI’S television commercials and also in the printed newspaper ads. Because of these personal “real life” stories, he was convinced that, with the help of professionals, he would also be able to lose the weight he had not been able to lose on his own. He was comfortable losing weight on the OPTIFAST program at CONCI because of the weekly medical monitoring by a physician as well as the support and education offered by registered dietitians.

Dave jumped into his weight-loss routine with enthusiasm, always strengthened by the support from his wife and family. Like all CONCI clients, Dave’s program was personalized for his unique needs. Determined to change his eating lifestyle forever, Dave arranged his schedule to attend CONCI classes weekly. Each day he portioned out his OPTIFAST supplies and packed them in a cooler with plenty of calorie-free fluids. He was prepared so that, regardless of where he might be, he would have what he needed to stay on his diet plan. He often reminded his CONCI peers, “It’s all about planning! If I can do it, so can you!”

In just six months Dave lost 100 pounds. During a slow transition over several months, he carefully added in foods, taking full responsibility for shopping and planning his own meals. He often joked that he spent more time reading food labels than books! He has a keen awareness of pressures in his agricultural community to overeat or to ignore problems brought on or made worse by obesity. Those insights motivated him to develop specific defensive strategies to protect him from backsliding. Now he is an avid member of the MyFitnessPal community, tracking his food intake daily, noting daily weights, and measuring food with measuring cups and spoons and a food scale. Within a 12 month timeframe Dave lost a total of 110 pounds. His BMI (body mass index) dropped from 52 to 37, his blood pressure improved significantly, and, best of all, he is back down on the floor playing with his grandson!

Dave enthusiastically stated, “The people at the Grove City office are the best! They truly are my new family.” Dave felt the genuine compassion CONCI has for its patients and agrees that it is one of many reasons the Central Ohio Nutrition Center is a special place for those struggling with excess weight. “I truly believe CONCI saved my life and turned my life around.”