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David: 188 lbs. Lost

David lost 188 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

188 Pounds Loss Gives Man Second Chance at Life

David Downing was told by his doctor that he was at death’s door. Knowing how dire Dave’s situation was, his physician called Dave’s wife to plead to her husband to lose weight. The doctor warned her that, without weight loss, Dave would die at anytime. In early 2009, Dave ended up in the hospital on a ventilator for two months. He was fortunate to have survived.

Now frightened, Dave realized he needed to fight for his life. Dave started the OPTIFAST program in March 2009 weighing 419 pounds and has lost 188 pounds so far. Dave has continued on OPTIFAST through the holidays, determined to reach his goal of 195 pounds.

Although not at his goal yet but certainly well on his way, Dave has seen marked improvement in his health. When Dave first started the diet, he needed to use a walker. Now he comes to his weekly appointments walking without any assistance. At his recent annual physical, his doctor was delighted to see Dave’s transformation, and even more pleased to report to Dave that all his tests showed great improvement in his health. His severe shortness of breath and arthritis are vastly improved.

Dave is proud of his new-found confidence. Prior to his weight loss, he was embarrassed about his weight and stayed home much of the time. Now, he is out and about more and loving his renewed independence. Dave has always loved nice clothes and enjoyed dressing up. He is back in the stores now, confident and out-going, buying new clothes like he once did.

Dave proudly owns a 1978 collector’s Corvette that he restored. His passion was to take the car to shows and show it off. As his weight climbed, he stopped going to the Corvette shows because he was no longer able to physically drive the car. Dave is greatly anticipating returning to the Corvette shows now that he can drive his car again.

Dave continues on his weight loss journey as he begins 2010. Dave knows he has saved his life.  It will be a healthy…and happy…new year!