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David R. 75 Pounds Lost


In 2020 David R. lost 75 pounds on the OPTIFAST® program. He has a most interesting story with a very uncommon reason for losing weight. Who better to tell his story than David himself?

“From a very young age, I had a passion for flying planes. I earned a Private Pilot Certificate at age 19, graduated with a degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology, and have worked for a major airline for 32 years.

I battled obesity since the age of 25. At age 55, it was more than 36 years since I piloted a private aircraft all because of my weight. My struggle with weight restricted my ability to fit into a cockpit of a small single engine aircraft, so I could no longer fly. At my highest weight, I was nearly 400 pounds. However, I never wavered from my dream, and in 2013 I decided to build my own airplane. Over a 6-year period I built a 2-passenger light sport aircraft. I completed the plane in 2020 but was too heavy to fly it. I sat on the sidelines and watched longingly as others experienced flying my beloved airplane. That is until now….

Today, thanks to CONCI and OPTIFAST®, I have lost 75 pounds in 5 months! I will hit my goal after losing 25 more pounds, but I’m already back in the cockpit! On September 16, 2020, after over 36 years of waiting and 6 years of painstaking building, I flew my plane that I built with my own two hands! I look forward to going on flying adventures with my wife, who is also on the OPTIFAST® program! My dad had a dream of going flying with me for many years, but it never happened because I was always too heavy to fly… until now. My dad has pancreatic cancer and is undergoing chemo. I don’t know when I will be able to grant him his wish, but I am ready when he is. What a gift that would be to make his wish come true!

I am so thankful to be flying again, but I want to mention that I am also grateful for my health improvement. I am a diabetic who was on insulin and oral meds along with blood pressure meds. Losing the weight allowed me to get off all meds, including insulin! Totally sedentary prior to weight loss, I can now run 2 miles!

In a time of hopelessness for many in our country, I thought sharing my journey and realization of a lifelong dream might motivate and inspire others to not give up on their own dream. Here is a link to my YouTube Chanel. https://www.youtube.com/craftingn112dr. Click on GOING IT ALONE. What better time to focus on yourself than during a pandemic?”