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Delano: 93 lbs. lost

Delano: 93 lbs lost

Prediabetes Motivates Bus Driver to Lose 93 Pounds

Delano was tired of being tired. His sedentary job as a bus driver, along with poor eating habits, had put him on the path traveled by so many others. A slow but sure weight gain over the years had become significant, and it was impacting his health. Delano was dealing with high blood pressure, reflux, and sleep apnea. His blood sugar had put him in the prediabetes category. If he did not lose weight, he would eventually have full-blown diabetes. It became clear that what he was doing to himself was detrimental to his health. The time had come to make a lifestyle change.

Delano had known about the OPTIFAST program for years, but was not yet motivated enough to “just do it.” Frightened into action by health issues, Delano was ready in November 2010. He began the OPTIFAST program, and now, five months later, he has lost 93 pounds and has reached his goal.

Delano is a new man! His blood sugar has normalized, his blood pressure medication has been cut in half, and he is sleeping much better. He no longer needs medication to help with reflux.

Numbers speak to his success. Delano’s body fat dropped from 35% to 17%! With losing 9 inches off his waist, Delano’s pant size changed from a size 50 to a size 38-40. For many years Delano saved clothes that no longer fit but were hard to part with. He is excited to now fit into clothes he wore when in his 20’s! Delano’s transformation has inspired his overweight coworkers to consider the program as well.

Delano saw a registered dietitian every week while on the program. Much of their time together was spent discussing an eating plan for maintaining his weight loss. As a result of the education and support he received while on the program, Delano is ready for his lifestyle change.

Working as a bus driver, Delano deals with the public and sees everyday how so many others are struggling with weight. This is a constant reminder of where he was and where he does not want to return. Determined to keep the weight off, Delano has made a commitment to himself to have the mental toughness necessary to stay true to his new lifestyle. If he does, he may just meet his second goal – to live to be 100!