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Derek M: 114 lbs Lost

derek m weight loss success

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Derek M. looked forward to retirement and having the time to enjoy life doing whatever he wanted to do. Then, back and neck issues brought on disability retirement. Not quite the retirement he had envisioned. In addition to many other interests, he was an avid hunter and loved spending time in his tree stand during hunting season. His physical condition and eventually his weight impacted his ability to enjoy the sport he loved. Derek started every deer hunting season at a weight higher than the year previous. As his weight increased, climbing up the tree stand became more difficult. Walking a long distance became increasing hard for him.  He was tired all the time and became short of breath easily. Derek began to see that his weight was not only impacting what he enjoyed doing, but also his health.

Ready to lose weight, Derek consulted with his family doctor who recommended he contact the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. Derek started the OPTIFAST program in March 2014 and, in seven months, lost 114 pounds. It was easy for him to stay motivated when averaging close to a five pound loss each week. A supportive wife and his dog Frankie (who was always willing to go for walks with Derek!) both helped him reach his goal.

Derek is thrilled with his transformation!  He enthusiastically stated, “I am enjoying life and am now able to do whatever I want.” He is back enjoying the sport he loves. He is much more at ease when out in public. No longer having difficulty walking, he loves to hike with his wife and Frankie. He averages about 15,000 steps each day which translates to about 7.5 miles! He no longer requires medication for high blood pressure.

Derek used to love eating “cracklins”, cookies, hamburgers, and a bowl of ice cream every night.  The Grove City dietitians convinced him of the need to change his eating habits. He listened to their suggestions and now eats a healthy low fat, high fiber diet with lean protein choices. He stays consistent with his walking program. According to the National Weight Loss Registry, without a doubt exercise is one of the keys to maintaining a weight loss.

Derek met his goal just in time for hunting season. He is climbing up that tree stand with no problem at all!  (By the way, venison is a very lean meat and therefore a good protein choice!)

Derek gained five pounds over the holiday season, but reports that he has already lost it through discipline and consistent exercise. In a recent email sent to Kathy Barrow, PhD, RD (dietitian at the Grove City office) he states, “Going to CONCI was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”

Derek M: Maintenance Update

derek m maintenance update

Derek M. lost 114 pounds in 7 months on the OPTIFAST program in 2014. This is a picture of him today, still maintaining the majority of his weight loss. An avid hunter, Derek enjoys hunting season again after having to give up the sport when he was 114 pounds overweight. He loves hiking with his wife and his dog Frankie, but problems with his knees led Derek to a newly found activity that he equally loves. Enjoyed by all (including Frankie!), is cycling on a recumbent bike for as much as 450 miles each month!

Not only is better health a gift to yourself for losing weight, so is the fact that you can resume a more active lifestyle. Derek was open to finding a new form of exercise to replace what he was no longer able to do because of knee limitations. His biking has become a new passion of his. The message here is this: Look for activities that you ARE capable of doing. Don’t excuse yourself from exercise because of what you can’t do!

Exercise is an important component of maintaining a weight loss. Find an activity you can honestly say you enjoy, and you will have a better chance of staying active long term.