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Diana R: 55 lbs Lost

diana r weight loss success

After three weight loss journeys, Diana R. learned that weight does not stay off unless lifestyle changes are accepted as one’s new normal. She lost 50 pounds almost 30 years ago. After regaining the weight, she was convinced that bariatric surgery would take care of the problem.  Diana had gastric bypass in 2002 and lost 70 pounds. Thirteen years later and after regaining the 70 pounds, Diana realized that surgery was also not the answer if habit change was not incorporated.

Having been successful with OPTIFAST in the past, Diana decided to return to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. Diana started this third attempt at getting weight under control with a new attitude and with the commitment to accept that a change in eating habits is necessary to keep the weight off. She was also motivated to lose the weight and keep it off because her blood pressure was climbing, and she did not want to take medication to control it. Not having enough energy to keep up with her grandchildren was also a factor in her decision to attempt weight loss yet again.

Diana lost 55 pounds in six months on the OPTIFAST program. Her blood pressure has normalized, and her energy level has increased dramatically. Her BMI (body mass index) dropped from 37 to 28, and percentage body fat decreased from 41 to 29 percent. Eleven inches came off her waist.

Diana is serious about maintaining her weight loss. Careful planning and healthy food choices are now part of her daily routine. To help her with weight maintenance, Diana is participating in CONCI’S five year research study using phentermine as an appetite suppressant. She knows that the medication is not a substitute for a well-balanced, portion controlled food plan. She has lost an additional seven pounds in the six weeks she has been taking the medication. Diana’s new normal is giving Diana the assurance that this time the weight will stay off.