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Dorcas: 55 lbs Lost

Dorcas lost 55 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center

No Need for Insulin after 55 Pounds Loss

Dorcas Winberg did herself a favor by giving up cigarettes, but, she began to gain weight. In addition, working a different shift than her husband, she usually ate alone. Not motivated to cook for just one person, Dorcas stopped cooking and ate with careless abandon.

The diagnosis of diabetes resulted in the need for insulin injections. Her insulin requirement was significant – 106 units per day. Despite a large dose, she still had difficulty controlling her blood sugar.  Even more distressing was the weight gain occurring due to large insulin doses. As the weight gain continued, her cholesterol rose to the point of needing medication.  Her knees ached. Dorcas eventually realized that she was “eating herself sick.”  It was time to take responsibility for her health.

The impetus to lose weight was Dorcas’s desire to gain better control of her diabetes on less insulin, and, preferably, on no insulin at all.  Dorcas wanted to be smart about weight loss by seeking out a medically supervised program.  Her doctor suggested she try OPTIFAST through the Central Ohio Nutrition Center.  Dorcas began the program in January 2010 along with her husband.  Five months later, she was 55 pounds lighter.

What a difference weight loss makes! After using such large amounts of insulin for so long, Dorcas no longer requires ANY insulin to control her blood sugar!  Her cholesterol medication has been reduced 75%. Her knees feel much better. Getting off insulin has been a dream come true for her. Her weight is no longer compromising her way of life.

Dorcas regrets not taking responsibility for her health years ago.  Her weight loss has proven to her that she can live a healthier, more fulfilling life as long as she stays focused. For Dorcas, if watching her food intake is what it takes to avoid using insulin, that is a price she is gladly willing to pay!