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Doug: 125 lbs. Lost

Doug lost 125pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

Diabetic Maintains 125 Pounds Loss for Three Years

One of Doug Montanaro’s passions is to travel. As he approaches retirement, Doug and his wife are looking forward to having the free time to travel. Unfortunately, Doug had come up against a huge obstacle. His weight and declining health were beginning to make travel difficult because he was not able to walk or stand for any length of time. His carefree eating style had gotten him into trouble.

Doug’s physician recommended he consider the OPTIFAST program as treatment for his declining health. Doug had diabetes and high blood pressure both of which continued to worsen despite taking medication. Knee and back problems were also aggravated by the weight. Sleep apnea was a problem as well. A cardiac problem warranted weight loss.

Nothing was going to interfere with Doug’s travel plans. He contacted the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and began the OPTIFAST program in January 2007.In six months, Doug reached his initial goal of losing 100 pounds. He continued to lose another 25 pounds thereafter. His health improved dramatically and he feels great! Doug no longer requires six of the seven prescription medications he had taken prior to weight loss, and no longer requires use of a C-Pap for his sleep apnea. His back and knee pain are minimal, allowing him to take a daily one hour walk. His mobility has improved so dramatically that travel is no longer difficult. Doug is pleased to be wearing a size 38 pant rather than a 52.

Doug has maintained a 125 pound loss for three years now. Doug states that the “never-ending vigilance” which is a necessary part of maintenance is a price he is willing to pay. The health benefits he has seen from weight loss far outweigh the effort required on his part to keep the weight off.