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Ed and Penny: 154 lbs. Lost

Ed: 92 lbs Weight Loss

Penny: 62 lbs Weight Loss

Couple Loses 154 Pounds in 8 Months

Ed and Penny Barnett are looking forward to many more years together thanks to their commitment to each other to lose weight. Here is their story.

As is the case with many middle-aged overweight men, Ed was dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure and was taking medication for both. His diabetes has gotten out of control, and Ed was told that he needed to either start insulin or lose weight and change his lifestyle. Although the thought of starting insulin got his attention, his real motivator to lose weight was the fact that his younger brother died at age 47 because of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Frightened by his family history, Ed decided he wanted to have more years to enjoy life and his family. That meant getting serious about losing weight.

Ed’s wife Penny also was overweight. Her medical problems included acid reflux and high cholesterol. She knew losing weight, diet, and exercise could help with both problems. The couple decided that they would tackle their weight problem together and be supportive of each other along the way.

The Barnetts chose the OPTIFAST program and began the diet in January 2011. Both reached their goals 8 months later. Ed lost 92 pounds and Penny lost 62 for a combined loss of 154 pounds.

The hard work of losing weight paid off for both. Ed’s body fat percentage dropped from 34 to 17%. His blood pressure normalized without the use of medication. His blood sugar is well controlled on much less medication. Insulin is no longer a topic that needs to be discussed with his physician. Prior to losing weight, Ed took 6 prescription medications that cost him $800 per month. He now takes just one medication and pays nothing for it. Better health with spending less money! What a great deal!

Penny’s energy level has soared. Her cholesterol is normal and acid reflux is no longer an issue. Her body fat percentage dropped from 43% to 27%. A huge benefit for Penny is the fact that her husband is healthier. Now that their weight is under control, she is more confident that she and her husband will have more years together.

With the education provided to them by the dietitians at the nutrition center, Ed and Penny are convinced that “you are what you eat.” Ed states, “To be successful, you have to be willing to change your lifestyle along with your waist size.” Their maintenance plan includes continuing to learn about diet and nutrition and following up regularly with the dietitians at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. According to Ed, his support system for maintenance will be “CONCI, my wife, and me!”