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Edalynn: 150 lbs. Lost

Edalynn: 150 lbs. Lost

Woman Maintains 150 Pounds Weight Loss for 7 Months

Edalynn Weiss is a veteran dieter. At the age of 12 she remembers starting her first organized diet club. In the last 36 years she has been on many weight loss journeys, losing 40, 60, and even 80 pounds. She considered gastric bypass, but had her reservations about undergoing surgery. Edalynn knew she needed to do something, but was unsure what that “something” was.

In December 2009, Edalynn’s family went on a cruise. She was the heaviest she had ever been in her life. When looking at the vacation pictures, she noticed that she did not smile. She was unhappy with herself because of her appearance. It was clearly time to take action.

Edalynn was determined to act fast. After talking with several people who had been patients at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center, Edalynn decided she would try the OPTIFAST program. She started the diet in January 2010, not long after she returned from her cruise. She lost 150 pounds in 14 months. A huge victory for her has been the ability to maintain this weight loss for 7 months now.

Edalynn took medication for high blood pressure for quite a few years. Thanks to her weight loss, her blood pressure has normalized. She no longer needs medication to control it.

Her knee pain improved so much that she is now able to run! She started slowly over the course of many weeks. She is now running 3 miles 5 days a week, does spinning classes 3 times each week, and has even participated in a boot camp this past summer. She just completed the Columbus Turkey Trot (5 miles) Thanksgiving morning in a time of 48:16!!!

Edalynn states, “All this exercise is a big change in my life, and it helps me feel great! I also hope it will help me to be mindful of what I eat and will help me stay at this weight or lower for the rest of my life! I am ½ the person I used to be, and I am LOVING it!”

Keeping the weight off requires a change in one’s thinking about food and exercise. Edalynn has accepted that change in thinking. Because of that, for the first time in her “dieting career,” she has been successful maintaining a very large weight loss.