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Gary: 58 lbs. Lost

Gary: 58 lbs. Lost

Gary Schleich is in his 70’s and has multiple medical problems. Among them are heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Gary struggled with his weight for many years until 1979 when he found the OPTIFAST program at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. It was the answer to his weight loss battle. Gary managed his weight nicely until 2002 when he faced a major surgery. Distracted by his health issues, his weight climbed to 362 pounds. Once again, he brought his weight down with the help of OPTIFAST. Gary maintained well until last winter. His diabetes was poorly controlled, and his weight gain most likely contributed to that. His doctor gave him three months to get his weight down and blood sugar under better control, or it was going to be time to start insulin.

Gary was worried about his health and wanted no part of taking insulin. He was confident that he could get his weight down again on the OPTIFAST plan. Gary started his diet in February of 2012 and reached his goal in 6 months. He lost 58 pounds.

Gary’s overall health has improved. His diabetes is nicely controlled without the need for insulin. His blood pressure is well managed on a lower dose of medication. He enjoys walking more easily and feeling more energetic.

Gary continues to see his dietitian on a regular basis. He has committed himself to making the lifestyle changes that he knows are necessary, like eating out less frequently and practicing portion control. His wife has modified some favorite recipes to lower the calorie level and he is being disciplined with exercise. Gary is serious about keeping the weight off and is honest with himself regarding what he can and cannot do regarding food. Staying well is Gary’s main motivation.

Gary’s relapses are similar to those experienced by any one who struggles with weight. He is thankful for the OPTIFAST program. He knows that, in the event that he needs help dropping some weight, CONCI is here to help him.