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George B: 55 lbs Lost

George B Weight Loss Success

George B is a retiree of the automotive parts industry who always “returns to CONCI when he needs a tune-up.” Over the years he has always had confidence in the Central Ohio Nutrition Center to help him get back on track with his weight when life has gotten in the way or he has simply slipped back into old habits.

In the Fall of 2015 George’s blood pressure was continuing to climb. He knew he needed a “tune up” weight-wise in order to improve his blood pressure. Now in his 70’s, George knew the importance of doing whatever was necessary to stay as healthy as possible. That included keeping weight under control.

George is a believer in the OPTIFAST program having lost 50 pounds years ago using the supplement.   Confident because of the medical monitoring that is part of the program, it was not a difficult decision for George to return to CONCI and resume OPTIFAST.

George’s motivation to stay of the diet was health driven. However, although his weight never got in the way of doing what he wanted to do, he knew tasks and activities would be easier at a lower weight. In 4 months, George lost 55 pounds. His blood pressure is well within the normal range with no medication.   In addition, George can walk more easily with no shortness of breath. In general, he feels better overall…and what a great feeling that is!

George plans to stay focused on what he knows it takes to keep the weight off. Although he finds OPTIFAST not as difficult as one might expect, his plan is not to have a need for the program again.  However, the Central Ohio Nutrition Center will continue to be part of his support system to help him stay focused.