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Heather: 104 lbs. Lost

Heather 104 lbs lost

Heather S. came to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center in August of 2012 after she realized that “she did not recognize herself anymore.” She was seeing her self-confidence plummet as her weight increased. Although still young enough to have not yet seen the negative effects that weight can have on health, Heather was starting to worry about her future health and quality of life.

Heather felt comfortable at CONCI and decided to try the OPTIFAST program. She felt cared for and supported through the entire process. It was clear to Heather that the staff takes weight loss very seriously and focuses on health improvement as the primary goal. She felt safe knowing that her health was monitored for the duration of her weight loss.

Heather’s year on the OPTIFAST program was a period of great accomplishment. She lost 30% of her body weight by losing 104 pounds. Body mass index (BMI) dropped from 51 to 35. Body fat dropped from 46% to 31%. She lost 51 inches overall. Her blood pressure and blood work results are all impressive.

Although maintaining good health was her primary objective, Heather loves the social implications of weight loss. “I don’t feel so hopeless anymore,” states Heather. She loves the compliments she is getting and loves not being afraid to go places because of her size. Much happier overall, Heather feels she has achieved a better quality of life. She is optimistic about her future.

Heather enjoys being able to move again. Everything physical is easier now – everything from cleaning the house, to exercising, to walking around town. Her energy level is greater than it has been in years.

Heather regrets not taking action sooner. In retrospect, she feels like she had been waiting for years for her life to begin. The courage to take on this challenge has resulted in great improvements in self confidence, self esteem, and pride. Heather is convinced her future looks bright.