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Janet: 89 lbs. Lost

Janet lost 89 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

Multiple Medical Issues Improved with Weight Loss

Janet Compton, age 65, (weight 289#, 5’2”), began the OPTIFAST program in 2007 because she wanted to move better and improve her quality of life! She also had multiple medical issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac problems. She had tried other weight loss plans but just couldn’t stick with them.

At the Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI) she chose to follow a very low calorie diet, utilizing the full meal replacement, Optifast. Janet chose this dietary option because of the structure, and because she did not have to weigh and measure food during the weight loss phase of the program. In addition, because of her health issues, she wanted to be medically monitored throughout her weight management program. Utilizing the Optifast option at CONCI, she has lost and kept off 89 pounds (from 289# to 200#). Although she would like to continue to lose more weight, she realizes how successful she has been. She has lost and kept off 31% of her initial body weight! In addition, she walks more, has increased energy, and also exercises to a video game!

The biggest reward of all has been the improvement in her health! Janet has stopped four medications since she has lost weight. Her joints are better and her blood sugar readings have much improved! In addition, she has gone from a 3X to a large in clothing size! Another benefit to the weight loss is that she is able to get on an airplane and buckle the seat belt. She continues to follow up in maintenance and works hard at keeping off excess weight!

Janet is an example of the fact that it is not too late to tackle the obesity problem and get the help needed! The improvement in her health and quality of life have made it all worthwhile! She feels much better about herself!